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From chaos to calm...

I'm ready to structure SOPs and partner with you to lead the business so that



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Retainer Package

SOP Package

I'm the bridge builder.  I'll add the structure and discipline between your dreams, team and goals.


Starting at $2,600 / month

From post-it notes to streamlined processes, my SOPs clearly define the deliverables, reduce misunderstandings and increase productivity.


Starting at $995

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My Story

I am passionate about leading businesses that support our communities. I want you to be successful so that our world will be a better place.

I launched Michele Bunke LLC after I retired from a successful career as a manager in corporate America. Before taking on clients, I attended a thorough training program through the OBM Institute and earned the title of Certified Online Business Manager through the IAOBM. I'm thrilled to be part of this amazing professional association and excited to share the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience with your business.    

SOPs:  I have a superpower of being able to 'see' the ideal process, document it, write a standard operating procedure (SOP), and train your team.  I notice processes (or gaps) both professionally and personally, and continually work to document and improve them.

Project / Launch Management: As a Certified PMP since 2007, I have the credentials to create and manage projects and programs across your business.  I continuously learn the latest techniques and effectively manage scope, timeline, and budget to completion.

6 Sigma: I leverage 6 Sigma green belt expertise to study your data and put together metrics dashboards.  I find joy in slicing/ dicing the data to identify the key demographic of who is purchasing your services.  This knowledge increases revenue and decreases marketing costs by targeting your ideal audience.

Operations Management: I lead by example and have earned the respect of coworkers and leadership. I ensure results are delivered while maintaining integrity and a positive team experience.

Each day, I bring my toolkit to work with me.  It consists of my amazing skillset, open mind, enthusiasm, and integrity.  You will not be disappointed.


Michele exceeds in all aspects of her job. Michele is a key asset to the team and a "go to" manager for quality results. Her expertise is sought after by all different organizations. In addition to her project work Michele is the Sales RACI Champion. This has been very challenging and time consuming. The Director overseeing the project has stated that she would like to clone Michele. Her attitude and willingness to change the way we do business is a key reason why Michele is a high performer. Michele was also the Sub Team lead for an additional Initiative. She also took the lead on adding Products to a tracking database which will allow us to track the number of questions we receive from Sales and provides sales a list of resources. Michele went across to her peers to see if there was any way to get a script written to automate a portion of a large customer implementation. This will save 1.2HC for that deal. Another team is now looking in to replicate this same type of script for all deals. Michele was also asked to help train the Ordering Teams. The training was so well received that she was asked to train all other segments as well. Michele is a very valuable Sales Process Engineer and has exceeded in all goals.

Leslie Skinner

I have known Michele since the mid 1980's on a personal level.


Michele is a good listener and a thoughtful and kind person. Although our paths have not crossed professionally, I can tell you as a former business owner and today as an executive and department head at a national bank, I would not hesitate to hire Michele based on decades of character assessment and knowing she led a successful career in corporate america.


Joseph A.Ventre

Michele is an incredible teammate for the St. John UCC's AV ministry.  She not only volunteered time to learn the recording and production editing of our live worship services, she also created a procedures manual detailing every step of our process.  Team members have found the procedures manual to be extremely helpful and Michele insures that the manual is updated regularly.  Because of Michele's commitment and dedication to detail, our AV ministry has been strengthened.


Steve Culver

AV Ministry Coordinator

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